Measure not the work
Until the day’s out and the labour done,
Then bring your gauges.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806–61), Poet. Aurora Leigh, bk. 5 (1857).





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SC6: The Symbol ChallengeTM
Coming September 2006

Users of CC2 that are looking for ideas for Symbols to make are welcome to choose from this list, or use it to help you think of some more. Those that want to make Suggestions are welcome to add to the list using the Form at the bottom. (Suggestions are not added automatically. They are reviewed then added by the Site Administrator.)

Wizard, Perspectives
Knight, Perspectives
Mounted Knight, Perspectives
Animals, Perspectives

Science Fiction tiles, RDG

Shaded Relief, top down, Overland
Dwarven City Entrances aka Moria, Overland
Undersea Terrain, Overland
Undersea Vegetation, Overland
Superhero, Skirmish
Mountains with Snow, Overland
Craters (variations), Overland
Skirmish Symbols Historical
Forest Fire, Overland

Modern Convenience Store Furnishings, Dungeon Designer
Modern Grocery Store Furnishings, Dungeon Designer
Turn of the Century Store Furnishings, Dungeon Designer
Old Fashion Drugstore Soda Counter, Dungeon Designer
30's Diner Furnishings, Dungeon Designer
Commercial Kitchen Furnishings, Dungeon Designer
Construction Equipment, Dungeon Designer
Modern Trash Cans (variations), Dungeon Designer
Video Games/Arcade Games, Dungeon Designer
Warehousing Equipment e.g. fork lift trucks, Dungeon Designer
Modern Furnishings, Dungeon Designer
Mining Equipment, Dungeon Designer
Medieval Furnishings, Dungeon Designer
Flowers, Dungeon Designer
Mine tracks, Dungeon Designer
Fan Bike (Stationary) 60Lx23W
Elliptical Trainer 52Lx25W
Four station multi gym 105Lx85W
Rowing Machine 70Lx23W
Tread-climber 46Lx29W
Treadmill 75Lx32W

Gas Pumps, City Designer
Modern Trash Cans (variations), City Designer
Amusement Park, City Designer
Construction Equipment, City Designer
Houses under Construction, City Designer
Dumpsters, City Designer
Gas Station, City Designer
Convenience Store, City Designer
Carnival Rides, City Designer
Art Deco Buildings, City Designer
Craters, City Designer
Bomb Craters, City Designer
Eberron Style Airships, City Designer
Anglo Saxon buildings (top down perspective), City Designer
Greco-Roman Buildings (top down perspective), City Designer
Middle Ages Street Furnishings e.g. lamps, braziers etc, City Designer
Mining Equipment, City Designer
Mine tracks, City Designer
Swimming Pool, City Designer
Steam Engines and Steam Punk machinery, City Designer
Iron Work Bridges, City Designer
Train Station (different periods), City Designer
Engine House, City Designer
Train Engine Turntable, City Designer
Signal House, City Designer
Train Track Symbols (Connectable), City Designer

Do you have an idea? Please include the desired Style (CC2, DD2, CD2, CA, Per, Diorama, etc...)




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