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Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Gaming Files

Here is the first of my Shared Projects. This is one I have been meaning to add for quite some time. These are not Maps, but Forms for tracking information during a Game. I use these on a regular basis and I hope you will find them useful.

There are five different Forms.

The Adventure Matrix is a form I use to set up a short Adventure or a portion of a larger Adventure. I print this form out by the dozens and when I am laying down I create. Sometimes these little ideas lead to bigger ideas and full fledge maps.

The Game Session is to keep track of The Players and Creatures encountered during Combat.

The GM Notes is for a handy resource for Names, Items, and Places that the Players may encounter or to have some details if they head off in the wrong direction.

The Journal is for both the Players and the GM to keep track of events during a given game session. Kept in a Notebook, they are a great reference should the Players run into the same people in the future.

The PC Matrix is for the Players to have as a reference to the Character and to track special circumstances that may arise during a Game Session.

Printing Instructions are in Map Notes. (Contains Game Helpers.FCW)

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