They are ill discoverers that think there is no land when they see nothing but sea.

Francis Bacon (15611626), Philosopher The Advancement of Learning, bk. 2, ch. 7, sct. 5 (1605).





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CC Tips

Campaign Cartographer is CC, but What is CC? (If you do not know click the link and read up on it, then come back her to get some tips.)

I started using Campaign Cartographer in the early 1990's having some limited experience with other CAD software as well as a old style Pen Plotter that I salvaged from a friends back office. Thus equipped, I went to work making maps fairly quickly.  Initially I only used the software to supplement an ongoing weekly RPG campaign for several friends, but an occasion arose that required me to draw up some plans for a small deck. This is when I truly began to see the power and potential of this software that was priced around a top line Computer Game.

I discovered the CC Mail List shortly before Campaign Cartographer 2 was released. Its release was followed by the creation of the CC2 List, which I have been a participant of along with several others relating to this software. In the process of working on a long term project that has already produced over 500 maps in addition to my own mapping that has resulted in another 300 to 400 maps, many of them variants of earlier renditions.

I have discovered some buried commands and tricks to using the more apparent commands of the software. I shared these with the CC2 Mail List in an on again, off again series know as the Command of the Week. Here you will find the return of the Command of the Week, updated to cover the latest version with some new and additional information.

The Tutorial Section contains techniques that I use for specific features within my drawings. Most tutorials contain a downloadable map showing the steps described in more detail. I encourage everybody to develop their own style of mapping. Make use of what you like, but make it your own.

The Mapping Hints section deals less with the use of the software, and more with the actual maps drawn. Here you will also find some ideals on managing your collection of maps.

Gallery contains limited images that I posted for one reason or another. Included here are some 3D Apps Images created from Maps of CC.

Macros and Scripts is a storage site for Macros by other CC Users and some of my own.

If you have a specific question about CC or any of the related products, I encourage you to join the CC Mail List currently housed with Yahoo Groups. You can find a link to join the list at the web site for ProFantasy Software under the Community Menu.

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