The road to hell is paved with works-in-progress.

Philip Roth (b. 1933), Writer. New York Times Book Review (15 July 1979).





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Design Service

If you would like to contact me about constructing a Map or an Element for CC2 please E-mail me. Fees are based upon the nature of the work and the deadline. I have done specific Symbols for use in CC2 and custom one of a kind sets of Symbols as well as complete maps.

I specialize in Maps for Novels, either creating the Map from the various descriptions provided in Text or creating a specific Style Map from Author Notes and Sketches. Please consult with your Publisher and Agent about requirements and limits. Maps done in these cases become the property of the Author/Client upon Payment and all provided notes are returned.

I also can do other non-mapping related work, such as Logos, Banners, Letterhead, and plans for specific projects from Birdhouses to Home Additions (NOTE: Home Additions may require the services of an Engineer or other licensed professional in your local area. Please consult your local Government Agency for details.)

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