I consider it useless and tedious to represent what exists,
because nothing that exists satisfies me.
Nature is ugly, and I prefer the monsters of my fancy
to what is positively trivial.
Charles Baudelaire (1821–67), Poet. “Salon of 1859,” sct. 3, published in Curiosités Esthétiques



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What are Role Playing Games?

Role Playing Games are War, Superheroes, Cops and Robbers, Knights in Shining Armor, etc... of childhood redone for adults. The game is not about winning, but about the story and adventure as well as the social interaction between you and your friends. There are several levels of Role Playing.

The first is the Table or Board Game where you become a specific historical figure, or at least replace that figure. Table Top War Games are the best example of this. It is D-Day, you are the supreme Commander and you have to place your troops. Some call this what if, others call it Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback.

The second is Paper and Pencil Games, or Book Games. Here you create your Superhero, Barbarian, Ninja, Space Marine, etc... to venture forth into a world full of dangers. Normally you do this with several other created characters that are supplied by your fellow gamers. These games are often filled with skills and powers straight of similar genre literature, along with the creatures and villains that populate those pages.

The last is more akin to the childhood games, for the players take on the role them selves. It is the most healthy since they are not sitting around tables! You have seen them, but you may not have realized it. They are Paint Ball Players, Laser Tag Participants, Period Reenactors, whether they are on a battlefield or at a Fair, Festival, or Historic Site; these people are Role Players. The official term for the them is Live Action Role Playing, or LARP.

This Site's focus is on the Paper and Pencil Role Playing Games.

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